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Overcome Self-Organization Blocks

Scrum Expert - Thu, 09/17/2015 - 16:19
We know that self-organization is a critical aspect of every successful Agile project and we know that it takes trust, respect, openness and responsibility. So why many teams have a hard time to achieve it? Self-organization changes the leader/team dynamics and the teammate/teammate ones. Resistance may arise and the source is frequently rooted in mental habits, such as a latent blaming culture, confusing guidance and command, ...
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Agile Open Northwest, Portland, USA, September 24 2015

Scrum Expert - Wed, 09/16/2015 - 17:49
The Agile Open Northwest conference is a one-day event about Agile practices and techniques that takes place in Portland. Participants will be able to start, discover, and share discussions around Agile topics important to you and meet the directors of Agile Alliance and Agile Open Northwest, who will be participating all day long. The Agile Open Northwest conference follows the open space format for conferences. Open ...
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Ricksoft Releases WBS Gantt Chart for JIRA 8.0

Scrum Expert - Tue, 09/15/2015 - 17:54
Ricksoft has announced the latest version of WBS Gantt-Chart for JIRA, an add-on for JIRA, which is an Atlassian product. WBS Gantt-Chart for JIRA, installed by 180 companies in the world, realizes the visualization, standardization, and cost/resource management of users’ projects. Ricksoft will continue with a number of functional enhancements including Earned Value Management (EVM). The basic functions of WBS Gantt-Chart for JIRA are: * Creating WBS, ...
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Technical Excellence Takes Discipline

DFW Scrum User Group - Mon, 09/14/2015 - 15:34
Scrum is the most popular agile framework, and part of what I like about Scrum is that it is elegant in its simplicity and does a great job of making things visible. And after years of seeing Scrum implemented in … Continue reading →
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LAST Conference, Melbourne, Australia, September 18 2015

Scrum Expert - Mon, 09/14/2015 - 15:00
The LAST conference is a one-day conference about Lean, Agile, Systems Thinking that takes place in Melbourne, Australia. It is a event for practitioners that encourages participation and interaction via talks, workshops and activities. In the agenda pof the LAST Conference you can find topics like “Red Hot Visual Mojo”, “Should you do a Startup with your Spouse?”, “Soft Skills for Software”, “My take on SAFe”, ...
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Manage Agile, Berlin, Germany, October 5-8 2015

Scrum Expert - Fri, 09/11/2015 - 13:32
The Manage Agile conference is a four-day event taking place in Berlin that focused on Agile project management approaches. It is divided into two workshop days (October 5th and 8th) and two conference days. The conferences focuses on management topics and is a networking platform where specialists and managers compare notes yearly to establish Agile topics not only in software engineering but also in the ...
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About More with LeSS: A Decade of Descaling with Large-Scale Scrum

DFW Scrum User Group - Wed, 09/09/2015 - 15:20
We were fortunate in June to have Craig Larman, co-creator of Large-Scale Scrum (LeSS), speak to our group. The main goal of LeSS is not to enable traditional big groups to “meet their commitment” more efficiently—it is to see the ineffectiveness … Continue reading →
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AgileByExample, Warsaw, Poland, September 28-30, 2015

Scrum Expert - Wed, 09/09/2015 - 09:22
AgileByExample is a Lean and Agile three-days conference taking place in Warsaw, Poland that helps you learn Agile on live examples. The last day is dedicated to a Lean Agile Dojo. Keynotes, talks and discussions are all in English. In the agenda of the AgileByExample conference you can find topics like “5 Whys Root Cause Analysis”, “Taking Back Agile: Returning to our Core Values and Practices”, ...
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Secrets from the Experience Report on Kanban

Agile Ottawa - Wed, 09/09/2015 - 06:13
Once again, the community met and shared their stories, their successes and their failures. This time, it was about Kanban. Dag Rowe facilitated an agile 101 at the beginning of the evening with a quick exploration of some Agile Metrics.  While preparing the crowd for … Continue reading →
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Micro Focus Atlas 2.0 Improves Agile Requirements Management

Scrum Expert - Tue, 09/08/2015 - 17:03
Micro Focus has announced the general availability of Atlas 2.0, its business requirements and delivery platform. Atlas captures data from multiple sources so that it can be properly analyzed, prioritized, documented and agreed upon between business analysts and development teams, making it more likely they can achieve desired outcomes in a timely manner. Agile Software delivery organizations are constantly inundated with changes and requests for next-generation ...
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Using Budget Instead of Estimates in Agile

Scrum Expert - Tue, 09/08/2015 - 15:58
Budget-based project management is an alternative to classic estimates that has some following in the Agile community. In their book “Fifty Quick Ideas to Improve your User Stories”, Gojko Adzic and David Evans, discusses how using a budget instead of estimates can help to deliver better projects. Detailed estimation works against the whole idea of flexible scope, but many companies we work with fall into a ...
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[AgileScotland] Lean Agile Scotland conference: STARTS IN 1 MONTH

Agile Scotland - Mon, 09/07/2015 - 17:06
* this is a special announcement *.  
I just wanted to let you know that the 3-day* LeanAgileScotland conference kicks off, in Edinburgh, in ONE MONTH from today.
I love this conference: it's small, it's friendly, and (honestly) the content is as good as anything you'll see anywhere in the world.  Even better: coz it's based in Scotland, it's commutable, so no long train trips or flights, and no accommodation costs.
You can view the full schedule and book here:
Clarke* If you can't spare 3 days in October then the single-day tickets are surprisnly cheap, too. 
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Lean Agile Scotland, Edinburgh, Scotland, October 7-9 2015

Scrum Expert - Mon, 09/07/2015 - 13:37
Lean Agile Scotland is a two-day conference focused on the Lean and Agile approaches to software development. It will be preceded by a workshop on September 10. In the agenda of the Lean Agile Scotland conference you can find topics like “Enterprise UX: The Next Generation”, “How Visualisation helps navigate our complex environment”, “Neuro-diversity and Agile”, “The Death Of Continuous Integration”, “Kanban Essentials”, “Evolution of Tribes ...
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The Essential Skill of a Good Product Owner

Scrum Expert - Wed, 09/02/2015 - 13:17
There are many books and trainings that describe what good Product Owner should be in Scrum team. I have been a Product Owner for more than 5 years now. During this time I learned that there is only one skill that is essential to good Product Owner. I am ready to share it with you together with few “stories from the trenches” that will illustrate ...
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The invite for speakers to present at the Ottawa Gatineau Agile Tour 2015 is officially out!

Agile Ottawa - Tue, 09/01/2015 - 22:13
The 2015 Gatineau Ottawa Agile Tour event’s organizing committee is working hard to prepare the upcoming conference on November 23rd. We’re inviting anyone with Agile experience to propose a session for the conference. The submission proposal deadline is Sept 30. … Continue reading →
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Lean, Agile & Scrum Conference, Zurich, Switzerland, September 2 2015

Scrum Expert - Thu, 08/27/2015 - 10:00
The Zurich Lean, Agile & Scrum Conference (LAS) is a one day conference that focuses on Lean and Agile approaches for software development. The conference provides both German and English content. The keynotes of the of the Zurich Lean, Agile & Scrum Conference will be Ralf Westphal and Niklaus Brantschen. In the agenda you can find topics like “Agree or Disagree, but Commit”, “Facilitation Dojo”, “Process- and Team-Performance”, “Transforming your Culture with Working Agreements”, “Storytelling in a Technical World”. Web site: Location for the Zurich Lean, Agile & Scrum Conference: TECHNOPARK ...
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September 8, Experience report – Kanban

Agile Ottawa - Wed, 08/26/2015 - 06:59
1. What’s an “Experience Report”? A gathering where like-minded individuals share via short talks their success stories (or failure) and extract the source of that success (or failure). 2. How does this work? Interested participants will be given the opportunity to … Continue reading →
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Agile Alliance Elects 2016 Board of Directors

Scrum Expert - Tue, 08/25/2015 - 21:34
Agile Alliance has announced that its membership has overwhelmingly approved the slate of candidates put forth for the 2016 Board of Directors. Results for the 2016 election were reported to the Agile Alliance membership by Board Secretary Shane Hastie at the annual membership meeting on August 5 during Agile2015, the organization’s annual North American conference held at the Gaylord National Hotel in National Harbor, Maryland. The Agile Alliance membership elected three members to the Board of Directors for three-year terms: Dr. Rebecca Parsons (USA), Paul Hammond (England), and Victor Hugo Germano ...
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