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Agile Tools

Jimmy Bogard

AvailAgility - Karl Scotland

Agile Product Owner

Scrum Breakfast

On Software Development, Agile, Startups, and Social Networking - Isaac Sacolick

Xebia Blog

Partnership & Possibilities - Diana Larsen


J.D. Meier's Blog

Scrum Expert

Johanna Rothman

Bobtuse Bobservations - Bob MacNeal

Matteo Vaccari

Leading Agile - Mike Cottmeyer

Growing Agile

Agile Zen

Agile Management Blog - VersionOne

Agile Coaching - Rachel Davies

Agile Complexification Inverter

Rally Agile Blog

Derick Bailey - new ThoughtStream

Chris Read

Agile Advice - Working With Agile Methods (Scrum, XP, Lean)

TV Agile

James Shore

Adapting Configuration Management for Agile Teams

You'd think with all my video game experience that I'd be more prepared for this - Jason Yip

Evolving Excellence

Mark Needham - Peter Hundermark


Notes from a Tool User - Mark Levison

LeanKit: Essential Tools for Lean Processes and Visual Management

BigVisible Solutions :: An Agile Company

Agile World - Venkatesh Krishnamurthy

Scrum 4 You

George Dinwiddie’s blog

Tyner Blain - Scott Sehlhorst

Pivotal Tracker Blog - scrum software

Illustrated Agile - Len Lagestee

Manage Well - Tathagat Varma

Agile For All - Bob Hartman

Agilitrix - Michael Sahota

Agile Artisans

Mike Vizdos - Implementing Scrum


Agile Thinks and Things - Oana Juncu

Silver Stripe Blog

Henrik Kniberg's blog

A little madness

Ben Linders

Leading Answers - Mike Griffiths

Dear Junior - Letters to a Junior Programmer - Dan Bergh Johnsson

TargetProcess - Edge of Chaos Blog

Business Craftsmanship - Tobias Mayer

Agile Learning Labs - Kane Mar

Scaling Software Agility - Dean Leffingwell

Agile Scotland

Improving projects with xProcess

David J Anderson thoughts on Kanban Lean and Agile Management

Radyology - Ben Rady

Software Development Today - Vasco Duarte

DFW Scrum User Group

Zen, Project Management, and Life - Bob Tarne

tinyPM Team Blog

Practical Agility - Dave Rooney

Kane Mar

Assembla Blog

Indefinite Articles - John Brothers

Integrum - Agile Weekly Podcast

Exploration Through Example - Brian Marick

Complex and Agile - Joseph Pelrine

TestObessed - Elisabeth Hendrickson’s Thoughts on Testing, Agile and Agile Testing

Scrumphony - Marc Löffler

Hala Saleh - Project Excellence Passionista

Agile Estimator

Pascal Van Cauwenberghe - Thinking for a Change

Mistaeks I Hav Made - Nat Pryce

Agile Fun - Jurgen De Smet

Lean/ Kanban Blog – Thought Leadership for the Lean/ Agile Enterprise

Paul Julius

Willem van den Ende - me.andering

Agile Announcements Yahoo! Group

The Ways of an Agile Poodle - Jussi Mononen

Tom Hume

Will's Blog - William Gill

Mike Cohn's Blog - Succeeding With Agile™

Markus Hjort's Weblog

JUnit Max - Kent Beck

Sarah Taraporewalla’s Technical Ramblings

Dennis Stevens and Associates

Marc Evers - Dreamfeed

Ative at Work

Scrumy Blog

More Agile Than Agile

Thought Nursery - Jeffrey Fredrick

Agile CMMI blog

Testing Hotlist Update

Absolut Agile - Anna Forss

Agile & Business - Joseph Little

Agile DBA - Pramod Sadalage

Agile Elements

Agile Game Development

Agile In A Flash

Agile In Action Blog - Staffan Nöteberg

Agile Observations from the Trenches - Bill Gaiennie

Agile Ottawa

Agile Philly

Agile Teams - Karen Smiley

Agile Testing and Process Thoughts with Janet Gregory

Agile Testing with Lisa Crispin

Agile Tips

Agile UX - Jean Claude GROSJEAN

Agilecraft - Petri Heiramo

Applied Frameworks

brain driven development - Mario Gleichmann

Bruno Collet - Agility and Governance

Chris Spagnuolo's EdgeHopper

Chris Sterling's Blog

Clarke Ching - More Chilli Please

Collective Edge Coaching - Michael Spayd

Constant Change - Aaron Sanders

Creative Chaos - Matt Heusser - Lyssa Adkins

Customer Oriented Software Development - Henrik Larsson

Danilo Sato

Dave Nicolette

David Alfaro - Scrum Costa Rica

Declan Whelan - Delivering better software

Doc On Dev - Michael Norton

Ed Gibbs - Musings of a Software Development Manager

Eric Lefevre-Ardant on Java & Agile

Espresso Fueled Agile Development - Michael Puleio

Esther Derby

From People To Software And Back Again - Jon Dickinson

Grigori Melnik: Thoughts on Agile Software Engineering and Beyond

Highway 74 - Ola Ellnestam

i-Dev-One - Gregory Mostizky


James Carr - Rants and Musings of an Agile Developer

Jeff's Blog - Jeff Langr

Lean/ Agile ALM Blog: Digité Fountainhead

Learning about Lean

LitheSpeed's LitheBlog Exploring Lean and Agile - Elizabeth Keogh

Martin Fowler's Bliki

Megan Sumrell’s Weblog

Mock Objects

On Agile Leadership - Manfred Lange

Planigle - Walter Bodwell

Portia Tung - Selfish Programming

Powers of Two - Rob Myers

Project News: Scrinch

Projectized - Thushara Wijewardena

Putting the tea into team - Ivan Moore

Rob Bowley - Adventures in Software Development

Running Agile - Christophe Louvion

Scott W. Ambler - Agility@Scale

Scrum Alliance

Scrum Log Jeff Sutherland

Scrum User Group of South Africa

ScrumEdge | Online Scrum Software and Tools

Steve Whisenhant

Tales from the Scrum Stable

Technical Debt - Jon Kern

Technical Management Institute

Test Driven Developer

TestDriven.NET by Jamie Cansdale

The Agile Project Manager - Joseph Zenevitch

The Agilebuddy Blog - Jack Milunsky

The Agilist Network - Ken Howard

The Conifer Systems Blog

The SCRUM Blog - Axosoft


Thoughts - Discovering the Art in Software Engineering - Jim Schiel

ThoughtWorks Studios - Blog

Timothy Fitz

Visual Management Blog - Xavier Quesada

Zachariah Young

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