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Manage Well - Tathagat Varma

TargetProcess - Edge of Chaos Blog


Clarke Ching - More Chilli Please

Agile Thinks and Things - Oana Juncu

Scrum Expert

LeanKit: Essential Tools for Lean Processes and Visual Management

Software Development Today - Vasco Duarte

Notes from a Tool User - Mark Levison

Jimmy Bogard

Leading Agile - Mike Cottmeyer

Scrum Breakfast

Scrum 4 You

Grigori Melnik: Thoughts on Agile Software Engineering and Beyond

Agilitrix - Michael Sahota

BigVisible Solutions :: An Agile Company

George Dinwiddie’s blog

Agile Complexification Inverter

Scrum Log Jeff Sutherland

Practical Agility - Dave Rooney

Johanna Rothman

Complex and Agile - Joseph Pelrine

Mark Needham

J.D. Meier's Blog

Agile Management Blog - VersionOne

Assembla Blog

Derick Bailey - new ThoughtStream

Agile Coaching - Rachel Davies

Applied Frameworks


Agile Tips

Customer Oriented Software Development - Henrik Larsson

TV Agile

Rally Agile Blog

Silver Stripe Blog - Kane Mar

On Software Development, Agile, Startups, and Social Networking - Isaac Sacolick


Scott W. Ambler - Agility@Scale

Agile Advice - Working With Agile Methods (Scrum, XP, Lean)

Adapting Configuration Management for Agile Teams

Agile World - Venkatesh Krishnamurthy

Agile & Business - Joseph Little - scrum software

Agile Game Development

Constant Change - Aaron Sanders

Growing Agile

Agile Artisans

Business Craftsmanship - Tobias Mayer

Mike Vizdos - Implementing Scrum - Peter Hundermark

Evolving Excellence

Integrum - Agile Weekly Podcast

Portia Tung - Selfish Programming

Scrum User Group of South Africa

AvailAgility - Karl Scotland

Agile Elements

DFW Scrum User Group

Henrik Kniberg's blog

Dear Junior - Letters to a Junior Programmer - Dan Bergh Johnsson

Illustrated Agile - Len Lagestee

Xebia Blog

TestObessed - Elisabeth Hendrickson’s Thoughts on Testing, Agile and Agile Testing

Powers of Two - Rob Myers

You'd think with all my video game experience that I'd be more prepared for this - Jason Yip

Scaling Software Agility - Dean Leffingwell

Improving projects with xProcess


Partnership & Possibilities - Diana Larsen

Doc On Dev - Michael Norton

Agile Tools

James Carr - Rants and Musings of an Agile Developer

Leading Answers - Mike Griffiths

Matteo Vaccari

Bobtuse Bobservations - Bob MacNeal

Exploration Through Example - Brian Marick

Radyology - Ben Rady

Scrumphony - Marc Löffler

Agile Zen

Hala Saleh - Project Excellence Passionista

Agile Estimator

Pascal Van Cauwenberghe - Thinking for a Change

Mistaeks I Hav Made - Nat Pryce

Indefinite Articles - John Brothers

tinyPM Team Blog

Agile Fun - Jurgen De Smet

Lean/ Kanban Blog – Thought Leadership for the Lean/ Agile Enterprise

Paul Julius

Eric Lefevre-Ardant on Java & Agile

Willem van den Ende - me.andering

ThoughtWorks Studios - Blog

Agile Product Owner

Agile Teams - Karen Smiley

Scrum Alliance

Agile Announcements Yahoo! Group

Pivotal Tracker Blog

Michael Dowling's Whispers

A little madness

Agile Testing with Lisa Crispin

The Ways of an Agile Poodle - Jussi Mononen

Tom Hume

Will's Blog - William Gill

The Agile Engineer - Ryan Shriver

Mike Cohn's Blog - Succeeding With Agile™

Markus Hjort's Weblog

Pillar Technology

Magnetic Reason Blog

JUnit Max - Kent Beck

Sarah Taraporewalla’s Technical Ramblings

Dennis Stevens and Associates

Marc Evers - Dreamfeed

Execution in the Information Age - Bruno Collet

Bits 'n Widgets - John Boal

Ative at Work

Scrumy Blog

More Agile Than Agile

Thought Nursery - Jeffrey Fredrick

Agile CMMI blog

Hot Needle of Inquiry - Ron Jeffries

Testing Hotlist Update

Absolut Agile - Anna Forss

Agile DBA - Pramod Sadalage

Agile For All - Bob Hartman

Agile In A Flash

Agile In Action Blog - Staffan Nöteberg

Agile Learning Labs

Agile Observations from the Trenches - Bill Gaiennie

Agile Ottawa

Agile Philly

Agile Scotland

Agile Testing and Process Thoughts with Janet Gregory

Agile UX - Jean Claude GROSJEAN

Agilecraft - Petri Heiramo

AgileJoe - Joe Ocampo

brain driven development - Mario Gleichmann

Chris Read

Chris Spagnuolo's EdgeHopper

Chris Sterling's Blog

Clive Skipper's Blog - Agile and Scrum Ramblings

Collective Edge Coaching - Michael Spayd

Creative Chaos - Matt Heusser - Lyssa Adkins

Danilo Sato

Dave Nicolette

David Alfaro - Scrum Costa Rica

David J Anderson thoughts on Kanban Lean and Agile Management

Declan Whelan - Delivering better software

Ed Gibbs - Musings of a Software Development Manager

enthiosys agile product management

Espresso Fueled Agile Development - Michael Puleio

Esther Derby

From People To Software And Back Again - Jon Dickinson

Highway 74 - Ola Ellnestam

i-Dev-One - Gregory Mostizky

James Shore

Jeff's Blog - Jeff Langr

Kane Mar

Lean/ Agile ALM Blog: Digité Fountainhead

Learning about Lean

LitheSpeed's LitheBlog Exploring Lean and Agile - Elizabeth Keogh

Martin Fowler's Bliki

Megan Sumrell’s Weblog

Mock Objects

On Agile Leadership - Manfred Lange

Planigle - Walter Bodwell

Project News: Scrinch

Projectized - Thushara Wijewardena

Putting the tea into team - Ivan Moore

Rob Bowley - Adventures in Software Development

Running Agile - Christophe Louvion

ScrumEdge | Online Scrum Software and Tools

Steve Whisenhant

Tales from the Scrum Stable

Technical Debt - Jon Kern

Technical Management Institute

Test Driven Developer

TestDriven.NET by Jamie Cansdale

The Agile Project Manager - Joseph Zenevitch

The Agilebuddy Blog - Jack Milunsky

The Agilist Network - Ken Howard

The Conifer Systems Blog

The SCRUM Blog - Axosoft


Thoughts - Discovering the Art in Software Engineering - Jim Schiel

Timothy Fitz

Tyner Blain - Scott Sehlhorst

Visual Management Blog - Xavier Quesada

Zachariah Young

Zen, Project Management, and Life - Bob Tarne

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